Chi Rho and CYF

Chi Rho (6-8th Grade) and CYF (9th-12th) are fellowships groups that meet every Sunday night from 6-7:30.  They seek to support eachother as they "Love God and Love Each Other".  Their time together is used to build friendships, discuss their faith, and serve in Christ's name. These groups are an encouraging community to one another and they love welcoming new people to the group.  

Youth Group Leaders: Jill Bednarczuk, Adam Jones, Mary Kitzig, Matt McCandlish, Kim and Larry Paul and Lisa Tice.

This group knows how to have fun!  They love playing games together and they have a chance to just relax and play together at most meetings.    They love our annual lock-ins where they get to spend the whole evening playing their favorite games!  They also enjoy seasonal parties.  


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They have found some great ways to bring their sense of fun to the entire congregation.  Some highlights include a Chili-Cook Off and Coffee House.

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This group seeks to grow in faith!  The youth use their time together to explore a variety of topics.  The leaders use Live Curriculum from Group to help guide their discussions.  Although the larger group is together for games, service and special events, they break apart during lesson and discussion time so that each group can learn more about Jesus in ways that are significant and meaningful to their age group.   At the heart of our study is always the desire to help our students take ownership for their faith and give them the time, space and tools to connect with God in the midst of their busy lives.

This group seeks to serve!   Yearly summer mission trips seem to be the heart beat of this ministry.  Our group has been to Tennessee, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont, Kentucky,  Wisconsin and North Carolina.  On all of our trips our youth witness how God is working in ALL communities.  While serving in day camps with children, senior centers with the elderly, food distribution projects with the needy and housing projects the youth get to be the hands and feet of God, they also get to see how faithful and present God still is in a broken community.

Their experiences not only bring them closer as a group, but also inspire them to become more involved with the needs in their own community.  Throughout the year they visit the elderly, serve at Christ's table and participate in the Crop Walk to raise money for the hungry in our community and around the world.  More importantly, service is a way of life for these teens. They seek their own opportunities to share the love of God in their daily lives.


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