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Kingdom Builders
124% ($174,814)

Mission Outreach
50% ($6,500)

100% ($100,000)

Security System

Sanctuary Carpet

Sanctuary Pew Cushions
100% ($15,439.97)

Kingdom Builders Capital Campaign FAQs

Q) Will the new boiler be more efficient than the old one?
A) Yes, the manufacturer specifications say the new boiler will operate at 98% efficiency. Efficiency is one reason we were able to qualify for a green loan to pay for the boiler while waiting for funds from the campaign.

Q) Will the new boiler operate without electricity?
A) No, however the current one doesn’t either.

Q) Why is mission work tied to the capital campaign?
A)  What separates a church from a regular business is that the projects we undertake are not simply for ourselves, but for the community as well.

Q) Doesn’t the membership already tithe for outreach and mission projects?
A) The funds going into the Habitat Build, the donation to Homeless Hands of Zanesville, and to the Christian Church in Ohio are being paid out of the Mission Team’s funds. So these are coming from tithes that have already been made by members of the church.

Q) Is the security system going to be linked to fire protection?
A) It will be able to detect infrared movement, which should alert if there is a fire in the building, but not with the same reliability as a system designed for fire protection. It will have no smoke detection.

Q) Did the Church Membership have a voice in the Capital Campaign items?
A) All the items were identified by various committees, presented to the Board to be approved in part or in whole, and the Board approved all the items included. Any member of the church is free to attend Board meetings. The Board is comprised of people who are nominated and then approved by the church membership so they can make these kinds of decisions for the church.

Q) Can an agenda for Board meetings be made available to the Membership ahead of time?
A) Yes, we are looking into providing Board Action Items to the church before a meeting, so they have the opportunity to choose to attend.

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