Children Worship and Wonder

What is Children Worship and Wonder?

Children Worship and Wonder is a worship service that respects the ability of our youngest members to connect with God. In this worship space children are given a sacred space to talk to God, listen to God and hear God's stories.  The worship follows a similar pattern to adult worship.

How to participate in Children Worship and Wonder

Children Worship and Wonder (CWW) is for children age three through second grade and is offered every Sunday during the 10:30 service.  If you have a child this age, please bring them to the sanctuary with you for regular worship.  Following children's time your child will be invited to exit the sanctuary with two adult greeters to the Worship and Wonder room.  The Worship and Wonder room is downstairs in room 101.  At the conclusion of worship service, you can pick up your child from the Worship and Wonder room.  An adult greeter will be at the door to dismiss your child to you.


What happens in Children Worship and Wonder?

To begin, the children come into a special worship space, to a storyteller waiting to greet them. They sit in a circle, surrounded by bible stories made just for them, with all materials at their height. The people of God are gathered in with singing.  Often the children learn sign language for the songs and they enjoy praising God with their bodies and voices.

undefined Next they will hear one of God's stories using multi-sensory materials. As the story is finished the children are invited to share in a time of wonder about the story. They are asked “wondering questions” to help them go deeper into the meaning of the story. These wondering questions help the children see how they are a part of the story. They begin to see that the stories in the Bible are their stories too.


After hearing the story, the children will respond to the story. During response time the children may choose to work with the story pieces from one of the stories on the shelf, use art materials, look at a picture book, or have someone read the bible with them.




After they respond in a way they choose, the children come back to the circle. Here the storyteller lights the Christ candle and shows the children where the story they heard is found in the Bible. Then as a community they share their joys and concerns and pray together.  The offering basket is passed and children are invited to place their hand in the basket and think of a way they will share God's love in the coming week. Finally, a feast is shared.

As they leave the worship center, each child will be given a special blessing by the storyteller as they leave to be God’s disciples in their homes, schools, and activities.


This order is followed every Sunday. Because there is a ritual to this time together the children are free to relax into the space and go deeper into the stories. They can truly enter into a time of listening and talking with God. As children move from CW&W into adult worship, they are familiar with the rhythm and joy of worshiping. They bring this with them as they continue participating in worship with the bigger congregation.

How will my child respond to Worship and Wonder?

Adults are continually amazed at the way our active preschoolers fully engage in this type of worship. Worship and Wonder honors the gifts of our children and brings meaningful worship to them.  Children with special needs respond well to Worship and Wonder as well.  All children (age 3-2nd grade) are welcome in Worship and Wonder.    In addition to the storyteller, there are always two adult greeters in the Worship and Wonder room.  The greeters are there to help make sure that your child gets the most out of their worship experience.

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